THE WILD (By guest writer Tom LaLond)

The Wild

By: Tom LaLond

There’s a place where you can go to totally forget everything that’s going on. Good, bad, or indifferent as your life may be, you can slip away to a place where your presence will not even be noticed, hopefully. There’s a place where you can go to feel so connected and plugged in, that you may never want to use an electronic device again. This place is called, the wild.

To get there you don’t need to be brave beyond belief. To find it you don’t need to know what’s over the next rise. To connect with it you don’t need to understand what every clue is telling you. To locate the wild, you simply have to step in. After you’re in, you keep moving forward, and with your eyes pulled open by the wonder of the “what’s next”, you keep moving. This time likely at a slower, more like an inquisitive meandering, pace.

If you choose to continue to follow it, the wild will teach you as you go. It will challenge you when you know little, and challenge you when you are seasoned. There’s really no end to what you can gain from the wild, as long as your heart is honest and your means are light. The wild will teach you to learn more about yourself, by pushing you to your limits. Then encouraging you past those limits.

The captivating limitlessness of the wild and its consistent ability to offer you the choice to grow past your “limits” have a commonality beyond the awe they inspire. They have the same Creator. Jesus, and God our Creator, desire for us to grow stronger and wiser through constant communication with them. For many, that communication is at it’s clearest when they’re out in the wild. The wild is untamable, challenging, and wondrous to remind us of our need for a Savior be a wilderness guide through the highs and lows of this life-long mountain trek. Jesus desires to work with us to help us through the different wildernesses that we enter into at different times of our lives because He’s been through the harshest wilderness of all. He made it through that as a conqueror, and because of this we can trust in Him, completely, to project, guide and carry us through. Nature speaks to us that, when all of our gear, skills, and research fails us, we can, and need to, trust in Jesus to bridge our gaps.