The Humble Elk Hunter
By: Dylan Ray
We all love watching hunting shows, on our phones, TV’s, on our computers at work behind our bosses back, and locked in our man caves! Getting to watch these hunts help us get through the times of year we don’t get to hunt. We all have our favorite TV personalities, but what about the unsung heroes who again, and again make the guys on screen look good? CAMERA MEN! I love watching hunting shows just as much as the next guy; Jeff Danker, Mark Drury, and Will Primos are the guys I grew up watching on TV time and time again. But what about Jordan Blissett? You may know Jordan from Primos Hunting as one of the videographers that make the magic happen, but just recently Jordan punched his tag, and took center stage!
Rewind about 6 months ago when Jordan got the news that he was going to get his own bow tag for a big New Mexico bull. “I never would thought I would be elk hunting with team Primos 5 years ago”, says Jordan. “Trying to shoot an elk with a bow is a pretty special thing, something I never thought I would get to do”. Jordan was super humble in the fact that he never took any of the glory for himself as far as where he is at today, but gave it all to God, reminding me that our best plan for our lives will never amount to anything compared to letting God guide us into where He wants us to be.
“That first morning we just got up in the elk”, says Jordan as he relives the hunt. “They were actually in an area they haven’t been in for a while. We got with 70-80 yards of three of them, with one coming in, but he just wouldn’t commit. And he was a BIG joker.” On day two, is when the trouble, and the heart ache came for Jordan. Two bulls, two shot opportunities, and two blown attempts. We’ve all been there, to that place where we feel as though we had our chance, and we probably wouldn’t get another one. “It was a bunch of rookie mistakes, stuff you don’t really think about until you’re in that position.” Being the humble, fun guy that Jordan is, he can laugh at his own mistakes. “So my spook count is up to number two for the morning.”
That afternoon hunt Jordan has his head in the game, and no mistakes would be made this time. With a bull now standing at 25 yards it’s redemption time! “I got drawn back, and put it right through his lungs.” The entire team, celebrating, high fiving, and having a good time, Jordan had connected on his first bull! “He wasn’t measured in inches. He scored a very good experience and a very good time. It was something I’ll never forget.”
“If it’s not humbleness and patience, I don’t know what it is”, says Jordan. As Jordan talks about how it was his fault he blew the first two opportunities and nobody else’s, he certainly didn’t deserve another chance, but the Lord gave him another chance. It was almost as if you could hear Jordan humbling himself over the phone. “I learned never to take it for granted. Sometimes things are so hectic trying to get everything ready to make TV, you forget to sit back and enjoy the hunt.” The lessons that Jordan learned from this hunt are lessons we should all learn. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord and realize that it isn’t by our abilities, it isn’t luck, it isn’t because of how good our guide is, it’s Him. It always has been, and it always will be Him. We would never kill anything if He didn’t give us the ability, and the opportunity. Sometimes, all too often, we take it for granted. We take for granted the health we have to be able to be in the woods, the places He created for us to be able to hunt, the game He gave for us to hunt, and the opportunities we have to be in the woods. As season is kicking off for most of us, don’t forget to take time this season and tell the Lord thanks for the opportunity, and don’t be afraid to humble yourself before Him. It just might change your season.