The Fire with the Boys
By: Dylan Ray
We are all well aware of the fact that one of the best parts of hunting is sitting around with your buddies back at camp telling stories. I was recently on a hunt with some of my best friends at Hill Creek Outfitters in MO, and I was reminded of the incredibly fun times spent around the fire. Now, to an outsider looking in, it might look like a couple rednecks just sitting around a fire with their coffee mugs, but to us, it means so much more. The stories, the laughs, the memories, and the friendships that are made are something that can never be replaced, and it is honestly something I personally live for.
That buck I promise you had no idea I was there. He stopped and thought about coming in, but that grunt was the last thing he needed, and he was now coming in on a string. His eyes were locked on my decoy, my bow was in my hand, and “Sticks” was about to make his last mistake. All the other guys sitting around sipping their coffee are on the edge of their seat, anticipating hearing the rest of the story, as they look through pictures of their buddy sitting behind “Sticks”, a massive 10 point that has been giving them the slip the last 2 years.
These stories are absolutely what it is all about. Getting to relive the hunt and share the experience with your friends is always fun. But, what happens when the conversation turns to more important talk? When the hunting stories are coming to an end, and someone brings up something about how good God is, or how the stars are always speaking of His glory? Do we tune out? Or do we hang on to those moments as well and count them as “iron sharpening iron”? These moments are what we as Christians should look forward to, the opportunity to turn our attention to God, and give Him the glory. The opportunity to hopefully shed some light on the situations that our friends are going through. The opportunity to share the gospel with our friend who always been on the fence about fully surrendering everything to the Lord.
I want to encourage you of one thing, don’t run when the conversation turns to a more serious note, look forward to it, and be present in that moment. We may never know the spiritual impact those moments spent around the fire with our friends have on us, or those that we are enjoying the time with.