So You Wanna Be a Prostaffer?

So You Wanna Be a Prostaffer…


At BOWADX, we literally get hundreds of individuals each month asking to be a prostaffer. We typically get some excellent applicants along the way. We thought it might be best to share with you the requirements of a prostaffer that we expect here at BOWADX.

1) Individuals must be customers who ALREADY PURCHASE our products on a regular basis. So many who ask to be a prostaff member have never even purchased a BOWADX garment. We will almost never put that individual in the lineup. We feel that if one wants to be on a prostaff, he/she will own several of that company’s gear/offerings.

2) We look at who is ALREADY promoting BOWADX on a regular basis. We will always put those who push BOWADX via social media, word of mouth, etc…first. Trust me…we look at that a lot! That is one of the TOP things we require of our prostaffers. A prostaffer’s main job is promoting the company he/she represents, not just to get items at a discount and to have a title behind his/her name.

3) We look at a person’s FB Posts, Instagram Posts, Twitter Posts, etc…If we see foul language and inappropriate activity that we don’t condone, that person WILL NOT be considered as a possible BOWADX prostaffer.

4) We also look at what the individual does for the sport and how he/she can add value to the sport of archery, hunting, etc..

5) Finally we are a Christian based company, and we want prostaffers who do their best to put Christ first in their life! That is the most important aspect we look for in interested applicants.

I hope this helps to shine the light on what we look for in a possible prostaffer! With that said, we will not be adding any new prostaffers for a bit due to our current expansion/growth going on within BOWADX. We have some super cool new things coming soon and have to put those things first for a bit.

Thanks so much and God Bless!!!
-Chad Davis
BOWADX Founder