LESSON ONE-The 3 “E”s By Chad Davis


Over the next few weeks I, Chad Davis, will be discussing and outlining a plan to help you to become a better, physically fit, hunter. This information will not just be geared toward hunters but for anyone reading this article series. With that being said, the majority of this information is pulled from a seminar series and book I wrote a few years ago, called Lean System 3, while owning and operating my personal training studio just south of Nashville Tennessee.

Many know that I am an avid bow hunting fanatic, yet I also have over 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry and have a BS degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. At the time of owning my training studio, I was blessed to have had a chance to work with many of Nashville’s top Country Artists; various Pro Athletes; Miss America Pageant Winners and numerous bodybuilding and figure competitors. I was featured on TLC’s Tuckerville as Tanya Tucker’s personal trainer. I was also fortunate to have had a rather successful career in bodybuilding winning overall in many of the shows . I say all of that not to brag in anyway but to justify the fact that I am simply not another fly-by-night guy who recently read a book on nutrition last week and sharing that with you today. Let’s quit wasting time and dive on it.


Today’s lesson will only be skimming the surface. You will see that I will start simple yet get more in-depth as we delve deeper into the program. The real nuts and boats of the specific meal components and training components will come in the weeks to come, but we need to understand all the “WHYS” before we get to the “WHATS”. To kick it off, I would like to cover what I call the three “E”s.


The Three “E”s

The difference between those who want and those who have are those who DO! Yes, it is that simple. Honestly, if it were not for the educational information and guidelines to follow, it wouldn’t make much sense to read any further. You’re probably asking, “What do I mean by that?” Think of it this way. Self Help books represent the majority of all books sold. Many are in search for the one key to life that will act as a cure-all for all of life’s problems. Many people are trying to figure out why they can’t meet Mr. or Miss Right. So they go in search for a book to give them all the right answers. The first thing they read is to become the person you are looking for. In other words, if you are looking for someone who is ambitious, funny, honest, hard working, clean, attractive, and in shape, then guess what? You had better work on yourself first. Why? Because you can bet your morning breakfast that they are looking for the same in you. Now, did you really need to buy a book to tell you that? NO! You and I both know that to lose weight and get in shape we must watch what we eat and exercise. You can think about it till you are blue in the face, but that would be worthless. I don’t wish to have a dollar for every piece of fitness equipment sold. I would be fine with a dollar for every piece of fitness equipment bought within the last year that is now sitting in someone’s basement or garage, not being used for anything other than a clothes rack. So many people want to get into shape, but they won’t do what it takes to get there. They continue trying fad diets, weight-loss pills, and purchasing the latest exercise equipment. You and I both know that it is worthless without action and direction.


You might read all the blueprints and science behind a 747 passenger jet, but until you actually sit in the cockpit and learn by instruction and practice, you still won’t be able to fly the jet. Knowledge is powerful when used. Otherwise, it is worthless.


This Lesson is intended to be straight forward and to the point and what I call it the 3 “E”s.

  • Establish a destination
  • Establish a plan
  • Exit and go!


Establish a Destination


If you don’t know where you are going, you are never going to get there. You must have a destination in mind. Let’s say you are a female wearing a size 16, however, your goal is to be a slim size 4. Size 4 is your destination. Getting there will take some time and require some recharging pit stops along the way. Otherwise you will run out of gas. Look at it this way; if you expect to drive from Florida to California on one tank of gas, you would never make it without stopping to refuel. As a kid refueling was one of the best parts of a trip because of the souvenirs I was allowed to get along the way. I picked up miniature license plates, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, and everything in between. I couldn’t wait to stop again. Fitness goals should be no different. You must have a long term goal built around pit-stop style short term goals. Now, I believe there is a kid in all of us. We still love souvenirs and rewards. I have realized that the best way to accomplish any major goal is by setting and building upon short term goals. Each short term goal should be followed up with a positive reward such as a new pair of pants, or maybe a new pair of shoes, whereas the final goal might be followed by a professional photo shoot. However, never settle. Always strive to aim toward bigger and better fitness goals. You just may need to do it from different angles such as running a half marathon, lifting a certain amount of weight, or for you men out there, maybe competing in a bodybuilding event. Just keep moving forward.



Establish a Plan


If you decide to drive to the sunny beaches of California, you had better come up with a travel plan first. Otherwise, you can plan on something going wrong. There might be construction zones, weather delays, car maintenance issues, or forgotten items needed for your stay at the beach. When reaching a destination you must be proactive, prepare, and plan for all possible expected and unexpected issues along the way.


This planning execution also parallels to reaching fitness goals. There are no “ifs” and “buts” about it. Staying and getting into shape takes work. Don’t get too jealous at all the fitness models and guys you see running around on television or posing in the magazines. They all have to work at it. You need to get real with yourself and realize the work that will be involved. Don’t let that scare you. You can make it fun and the results more than make the work worth its while. Let’s look at some of the planning and preparation needed.


Your fist plan of attack should be on time. Look at your average daily or weekly schedule. Do you see an hour each day set aside for you? I mean one that is just your hour. It’s your hour to grab all the tangible and intangible negative items in your life and set them off to the side. I often say a little prayer before my hour. In other words, I say “God, I am tired of holding on to this. You take it and deal with it for me.” Besides, I am the one holding on to it. It isn’t holding onto me. It is amazing how comforting that is to me both emotionally and mentally. Planning of “your time” is crucial and a must. Otherwise, your time won’t be a priority and will be washed away by the waves of common life.


Secondly, plan your workout. What body parts are you focusing on or what changes will you make to your cardio routine today? Don’t go to the gym or to your workout area unprepared. Doing so will just lead to you spinning your wheels and going nowhere. What is the fun or the point of that?


Thirdly, plan and pre-prepare your meals. I will get into that in great detail in articles to come, but this is where the majority of all of my clients fall short. They don’t prepare beforehand and then they get mad because they can’t find time to eat at work. That is hogwash and it is their fault. Here is an example. If you know you need to eat six times every day, ask yourself, “Do I have my arsenal of protein bars handy?” If bars still won’t work, do you have your ready to drink protein shakes placed in a cooler beside your desk? You cannot tell me that you can’t fit in a bar or a shake for a snack meal. Again, it’s being prepared. Do you have your meals purchased or pre-made the night before or the morning of the day? Yes, you might have to get up a half hour earlier, but if you want it bad enough, you will do just that.


See how simple it is? Plan you schedule, plan your workouts, and plan your meals. It’s not rocket science. It’s planning, preparing, and doing what needs to be done.


Execute the Plan


Excuses are life’s poisonous vipers. They will kill a dream every time. I believe two of my least favorite words are “can’t” and “but”. If you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you had better take these two words out of you vocabulary and throw them to the wind. They are excuses in disguise and will kill you or put you at a standstill. Any plan is worthless until executed. Excuses and execution may sound similar; however they do not in any way go together. If your desire to lose weight is solid, and if you are willing to sit the excuses aside, then execute your plan today. Do a reality check. Do not focus on the negative. Look at where you are at and look at what you have to work with, and TAKE YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY to make the change. Magnify on each of your personal assets, establish a plan, prepare and put your plan into action, focus on the goal, and finally, just do it. That needs to be restated. JUST DO IT! Don’t kid yourself with the phrase, “I’ll start next week.” Today is a gift from God. Open it up and see what it can do for you.


Be sure to stay tuned and catch our second Lesson, The Three Steps to Motivation…


By:Chad Davis

BOWADX Founder/President