The next lesson for our Project Lean Hunter is tied to understanding Motivation. We all get into situations in life where we begin to feel like a stale piece of bread just sitting there in the middle of an old loaf starting to mold. It is in those times where we have to find a way to tighten up our boot straps and start making the climb. That might be by one’s on will or with the help of another. If you are that like that stale piece of bread right now, I hope this next bit of information helps to push you into making your own personal climb. With that being said, here we go…


3 Steps of Motivation


“Any journey starts with one step. I will take that step and failure will not be an option. I will change my life today.” Quotes such as this one sound pretty inspiring don’t they? How many times has a speaker said one key phrase which spurred the thought of action later that day? Maybe you read an inspirational quote or story in a recent publication which tugged at your heart strings. We’ve all been there before. There have been countless times where someone has given me something motivational to read or listen to which kicked me right in the rear, even if just for one brief moment. I’ve often listened to motivational speakers who seem to have the answers to so many of my questions. I would vow to make a complete 180 degree change in my future, yet leave and in 24 hours be doing the same old routine that I was doing right before I came. My heart was there but my action was not.


I must admit to you that before writing this book, I had sat and studied for hours, the different techniques for motivation. They are all pretty much the same. They do usually work, “when applied,” and they usually make perfect sense.


Thinking about that, I went to a couple of my successful clients. You would think that a successful CEO or music artist would have some clever answers. They did throw a few helpful hints my way, but they all had one key viewpoint to the whole issue. “Motivation doesn’t really come from books and messages. It has to come from within.” Inner self-motivation is built over time by gradually applying healthy habits. No, I don’t just mean healthy eating habits or a fitness lifestyle. I am also talking about healthy time management and healthy business or life choices built on moral character and principals. Have I discovered any of these principals? Yes, I have, but how can I help you make such transitions? The simple truth is; I can’t help you. You make the decisions which rule your body and its actions. There is no way I can magically hop under your skin and control every move you make. I can simply do two things: One, state the system that has worked so well for me and others and two: place that system in your hands so that you can utilize it, put it into action, and allow it to fill in the gaps of your personal life.


Of course, this system is based primarily on fitness and nutrition, but it will amazingly filter into other areas of your life. I am a Christian man, and I believe our bodies are our temples. If we treat them like out-houses and fill them up with a bunch of filth, that is what we can expect to feel and live like everyday. On the flip side, if we respect our bodies as temples, we will pay attention to what we place in our hands and what we place inside ourselves. I will tell you this. A nice compliment is worth all the beginning troubles of living a smarter and healthier lifestyle. When you treat your body with respect and care, it will show like a newly cleaned you.


All right, I’m going to be quiet now with all the extra rambling of words and focus on the next protion of this program; 3 steps of motivation. These are simply 3 crucial steps which allowed me to reach my current, and still growing, level of health, life and fitness success.


  1. Forgive, Forget, and Foresee
  2. Choose your atmosphere.
  3. Set Goals, Set Goals, Set “Realistic” Goals


Forgive, Forget, Foresee


The first step in my inner motivation came from understanding that where I was in life was based on every single decision I had made previously. Those decisions included places I chose to visit, people I chose to associate with, things I chose to put in my mouth, habits I created, and the list could go on and on. Understanding that lead me to the conclusion that where I will go or not go in life is up to me. I can not place excuses on others. In the end, I am in the driver’s seat.


Once I understood that, I sucked it up and forgave myself for any past decisions which led to all the negatives in my life. I couldn’t change one bit of it if I wanted, so I saw it as a big lesson learned.


Well, forgiving myself came easy. The trouble came in forgetting about those decisions. How do you look at yourself in the present and forget about what you see? The mirror doesn’t lie, does it? It simply projects whatever is placed before it. Well, forgetting about what I saw in that mirror did not happen, but forgetting about worrying about it could be done. Basically, I had to realize what is done is done. I couldn’t worry about spilled milk. I learned from it and moved on. Stupid people do the same thing over and over again expecting to see different results. I will try to say this nicely for you. Don’t be stupid. If you want to change for the better, make changes for the better.


This leads to foreseeing the future. I had to set myself a goal, an obtainable goal, and make a game plan which allowed me to reach it as safely and as quickly as possible. It took me placing pictures of role models up in various places to constantly remind and inspire me of what I wanted to look like. Let me remind you these role models had physiques which I knew I could obtain with hard work. They were not people of super human status.


Since I am only 5 foot 8 inches, I could not shoot to look exactly like a 6 foot 7 inch basketball super star. I could strive to play like one, but looking like one just wasn’t going to happen. I, as well as you, will probably always have that one person whom we envy because of their superior and seemingly flawless genetics. Some people are just lucky. It doesn’t’ mean we should just give up. What sense would that make?


Look in the mirror. Look at your present life and see it as a new challenge. You are the project. There will be no excuses allowed. I mean not one. Get up a half hour earlier if needed. Block off an hour or two of the day for the new “your time block.” Remember, you had better put this block of time into your schedule or are likely not to reach any significant goal. Again, make a change to see a change. If you haven’t been spending an hour on yourself each day, then start doing so today. The same changes must apply to your nutrition schedule as well. To look like a champion, you’ve got to eat like one as well as train like one. Foresee who and where you want to be and let nothing stop you from getting there. Open your sails and let the voyage begin.


Choose your atmosphere wisely


You are probably wondering, what do I mean by atmosphere? Your atmosphere is just what you see around you. It’s your friends, your co-workers, your home, and pretty much every situation you place yourself in. The thing is, you can control almost every situation presented to you, with the exception of some accidents, viruses, and diseases. If your current peers are eating full meal deals each day for lunch, then you need to disassociate yourself with them for that hour. If your closest friends go out for pizza every Thursday night, don’t go or suggest that you guys need to switch to a deli location instead. Choose today where you will and will not go. Choose today who you need to wean yourself away from. Finally, choose to surround yourself with positive influences rather than the negative that pushes you into the same rut you’ve been in for so long. A rut might as well be a mobile grave. Make a solid choice to change. Make the choice to hang with those who don’t settle for complacency. Make the choice to only associate with those who are always striving for success. Not always, but often times, those people have some desire for physical health and success as well. The two in my opinion, should go hand in hand. Let’s face it, someone who cares about their looks and their health often goes farther that those who do otherwise. As a boss and employer, I was always drawn to cheerful individuals who took care of themselves. They would just seem to shine brighter, even around their peers. I imagine to get to that point they had to make smart and healthy life choices.


For example, you are what you eat and you become who you associate yourself with. You make your choices and your choices make you. You become a byproduct of every thought and action which has taken place in your life. If you choose to hang out with pigs who love to lie, squeal, eat and scratch around in the mud, then that is what you will do. Yet, if you associate with those who are eagles, you will begin to soar and fly over the stress and common struggles below. I am not saying life will be easy but it will be easier. Positive people lead to a positive attitude and positive attitudes lead to positive results. The people, attitudes and situational issues around you become your atmosphere. The wonderful thing is, you can control it.


Let’s look at an example. If your friends or co-workers go out for full-meal deals at lunch time each day, don’t go or choose to go with someone to a nearby deli. Don’t even tempt yourself. If you do this, you will eventually lose and fall prey to the temptation. Also, choose to be proactive and pre-prep your meals and snacks for the following day. It just makes life easier by putting yourself on auto-pilot for the day. Think of this; if you were taking your baby out for the day, you would make sure you had all the goodies and snacks needed. Why not do the same for yourself? Again, you choose and create the atmosphere around you.





Set Goals, Set Goals, Set Realistic Goals!


How do you know where you are going when you don’t have a destination determined? Without goals, you are going to be spinning your wheels or going around in circles. I believe passion and destination are two of the same. What are you passionate about? That passion, my friend, is what drives you each day. Without it, you are in the passenger seat without a driver, and you might as well be sitting still.


Now, let’s talk about setting goals. Don’t set a goal to finish a marathon while training for only two weeks. Do that and you will fail, unless you are super human. To properly run a marathon, you would set small weekly goals, each one growing in skill and level. To climb a mountain, you do it step for step and rock for rock. Too may people often set unrealistic and unobtainable goals or goals which can’t be obtained in a relatively comfortable time-frame. For example, proper fat loss doesn’t occur overnight. A loss of one to two pounds a week is realistic and safe, where anything more is most likely going to be quick, temporary water and muscle loss. Muscle loss should not be a part of your agenda.


For the record, do not base your happiness and success solely on weight loss. That will drive you crazy. Weight loss and fat loss, when done correctly, do not always go hand in hand. Base your results by inches lost or, more importantly, use fat calipers. You can purchase these online or at any sports store. You see, if you are gaining lean muscle, while losing fat, the scale can be very deceiving.


Stay the course when shooting for the goal. If you do take one step back somewhere, just take two steps forward. You’ll still be ahead. There will be good and bad weeks along the way. It’s life. See it as a storm. Sail through the bad to see the good. The sunny days are even more beautiful after the storm.

By: Chad Davis