Creation Comes to Life

Creation Comes to Life By: Dylan Ray
A cold frosty morning, with the sun just starting to peak up over the horizon, the earliest rising song birds are starting to sing their songs, and the beauty of it all…you have a front row seat. We as hunters live for the fall, waiting in anticipation for the temperatures to drop and the opportunity to climb a tree presents itself.
You’ve put on your Mossy Oak, laced up your boots, sprayed everything down with your favorite scent eliminating product, and you’ve snuck into your favorite tree stand going unnoticed by the wild animals that still lay asleep around you. Getting to this point is something that we plan for all year long. We methodically plan out the gear that we will take into the field with us, we’ve spent long hours looking through trail camera pictures to figure out where the best place to hang our set is, and we’ve looked over several different aerial views of the land to figure out our best way to enter our stand.
When we have successfully made it to our stand unnoticed, two things happen; we will have a more successful hunt, and we get to watch creation wake up around us without even knowing we are there. We live to see that big buck stand up, and walk right into the winter wheat field we are sitting on, but even before that happens, something more amazing takes place, we see the handy work of our Creator.
We’ve all seen some breath taking paintings and photographs of sunrises over the mountain tops, a big bull elk letting out a bugle in the morning air, or ducks cupping their wings to land on the crystal clear water. But now, now we get to experience it for ourselves. Nobody paints the picture better than the One who created it. There is something so peaceful and breathtaking about being in the presence of a world that doesn’t even know you’re there. The deer are walking around uninterrupted, the squirrels going about their busy lives, and the sun starting to creep up finally giving some warmth to your frosted nose.
We as sportsman need to learn to stop, slow down, and experience God in a whole new light as we get to see His handy work. When you watch someone on TV, read their blog, or watch their YouTube channel, you inevitably feel like you know that person, the same is true for letting God reveal Himself through His Creation. These moments of tranquility and peacefulness are the moments where God gets to speak without the interruptions that are usually going on all around me.
Remember to slow down, take it in, and let Him speak to you through His creation. Nature speaks, testifying of His glory, and revealing to us just how amazing the God we serve is.