Chad with KY Buck

Chad Davis, founder of BowAdx, is the creative force behind all the company designs. He keeps up with the current styles and trends and puts his artistic background to work, creating fresh new designs to appeal to all of BowAdx customers. Chad also handles the marketing side of BowAdx, working hard to keep the company relevant and buzzed about, ensuring the growth BowAdx strives for every day.

Chad Davis

Mandy with OH Buck

Mandy Davis, VP of BowAdx, handles the day to day operations including customer service issues, dealer relations, shipping and financials. She is also in charge of the BowAdx website, blogs, and editorial related content. Mandy is basically the glue that holds all of BowAdx internal affairs together and in order.

Mandy Davis

Vice President


BOWADX was established early in 2013. It has been a dream of Chad Davis(Founder) for several years. 2013 is the year it all came together, and the dream was put to thought, paper and then into action. BOWADX represents the ADDICT in every bow hunter, and BOWADX is pronounced just like “Bow Addicts”. That is what BOWADX represents, and Chad  wants to share that through the BOWADX archery apparel and accessories with others. The goal at BOWADX has been to establish a new modern feel to the archery apparel market and to create apparel that anyone would love to wear. Chad is putting 100% into BOWADX and hopes to be the leader in the casual archery apparel market. BOWADX is geared toward anyone involved in archery, hunters, 3D enthusiasts, weekend shooters and everyone in between. Chad, and the BOWADX staff, are all perfectionists and strive to provide the absolute best in customer service and satisfaction. Quality is the number one priority. Rest assured that when you purchase a BOWADX product, you will be holding something that you can be proud of. Also, know we at BOWADX give all the glory to God and give 10% of our profits to charity and organizations that are involved in the good Lords work. When you walk away with our BOWADX products, you will become family. Welcome to our family!