To Wrap or Not To Wrap

To Wrap or Not To Wrap

By: Tracy Rogers, BOWADX Field Staffer

 Tracy Rogers Head Shot



Arrow wraps have been around for many years and help add a personalized touch to your archery equipment.  You can wrap your own arrows or purchase them straight from the factory pre-wrapped.  An archer can have any color combination their heart desires, anything from hot pink to yellow to black.   Customized wraps are also available where you can add a picture of yourself or any other design, lyric, name, or emblem you desire.  Wraps come in a variety of sizes, from 7 inches down to 2 inches.  As with many other archery accessories, wraps too have pros and cons.

Wrap 2

As we already discussed there is no limit with the ability to customize your arrow using wraps, whether you want it to look cool or for the functionality behind the wrap.  Wraps are not just for the aesthetics, they can also be major asset for the archer.  Through my own personal experience I have found I can get a better idea where my arrow has hit after I lose the arrow if I am using bright colored wraps.  This can be a game changer when knowing whether you have a “not so lethal hit” and you need to just back out and give the animal time to expire.  I was recently reminded of this at a 3D shoot this summer where I was shooting “ninja arrows” (black fletches, nocks, and bushings).  We were shooting a deer at the end of a cut through tunnel in the forest.  After I shot I had no idea where my arrow hit.  I didn’t see it in flight nor could I see the arrow sticking from the target even with binoculars due to the low light condition.  If this would have been a hunting situation I would not have known what type of hit I had and would have to rely on the blood texture or type, assuming I found my arrow, and whether or not to pursue the animal then or wait.  Having a bright colored (Flo Green, Pink, Orange, or other bright color) wrap would have aided me in seeing where I hit the deer.  Many hunters have also started using illuminated nocks with great success but they too have their pros and cons which we may discuss in another blog.  Another pro to a wrap is fletching and re-fletching arrows.  Wraps can make it very quick and easy to re-fletch an arrow simply by heating the wrap up with a hair dryer or over boiling water.  The wrap will just peel off eliminating the need to scrape the fletching with a knife or fletch removal tool. They even make wraps with reflectors in them so when you shine a light in the woods looking for the arrow after you arrowed that big buck, you can quickly locate your arrow, making tracking in dark conditions much easier.

One of the cons to wrapping arrows is the added weight to the back of the arrow which in turn cuts down on the FOC of the arrow.  It’s not that wraps weigh very much, maybe 2-10 grains depending on the length and thickness, but some archers are seeking every foot per second they can gain.  Another con for a wrap would be its ability to smear.  Whether you’re shooting through targets, banging arrows with some group therapy, or allow bug spray to get on the wrap they can smear from time to time.  Then there is the added cost of wraps.  Custom wraps can get in the pocket book and basic wraps can start at around $10 for a dozen.

If you choose to wrap your arrows for whatever your personal reason is, here is a quick how to guide.

  • Clean the arrow shaft with alcohol and allow to dry before applying the wrap.
  • Place the arrow wrap face down on a surface that will not allow the wrap to slide such as a mouse pad.  (Note: Pay attention which way your wrap is facing before you wrap.)
  • Peel the back from the arrow wrap.
  • Place the shaft up against the arrow wrap and line up the end with the nock or bushing.
  • Roll the shaft over the arrow wrap.
  • Smooth down the seam with your fingers and start fletching as normal.

Wrap 3

I want every advantage I can get to bag that trophy of a lifetime.  Therefore, this season I will be relying on my fluorescent green BOWADX wraps and fletchings as one of my tools to ensure I am dragging a big buck out of the woods.  Whether you choose to wrap or not to wrap, good luck this season and God Bless.

-Tracy Rogers

BOWADX Field Staff